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The 19 Nuclear Infrastructure Issues of the IAEA Milestones Approach

Our scope of involvement in Training, Preparation and /or IAEA Review Missions

National Position

Funding and Financing

Legal Framework


Stakeholder Involvement

Site and Supporting Facilities

Radiation Protection

Regulatory Framework

Electrical grid

Emergency planning

Nuclear security

Nuclear fuel cycle

Radioactive waste Management


Environmental protection

Safety, Technology and Plant Operation

Nuclear Technology

The best basis for Nuclear Power is a sound design and appropriate plant equipment, operated in accordance with the safety principles. Our scope is from the definition of safety regulations, design reviews up to an “in-depth” causal analyses of events. Effective outage management as a measure to enhance the efficiency of NPP´s is one of our specialties, based on proven and documented experience.

Operation Management

“Effective leadership and management for safety must be established in organizations concerned, and facilities and activities that give rise to, and radiation risks” (International Atomic Energy Agency).
Therefore, the implementation of a comprehensive managements system including all relevant processes is state of the art. We assist in training, development, and review of such systems.

Human Resource Development

Training Expertise

For the effective implementation of nuclear power and/or nuclear facilities, sufficient professionals with the necessary competence have to be provided in a timely manner. An appropriate Education system, training facilities and training programs have to be designed and established. We assist in the development and implementation of a systematic approach (SAT) and offer reviews.

Industrial Involvement

Disputes & Arbitration

Suppliers interested in participation in nuclear power should be aware of the challenges and risks before offering their services. Nuclear Power Projects are complex, long lasting, and are often subject to costly claims due to delays in delivery and/or quality issues. We provide technical expertise in claims to affected parties and their lawyers. Our support makes the Legal teams more effective!

About me

Dr. Grauf entered the nuclear industry in 1972 and has held management positions in Engineering (nuclear systems design), Maintenance, Operation and Plant Management up to a 1400 MW PWR.  He is a specialist in PWR technology Gen 1 to Gen 3. An overview of his roles and involvements is provided below. Additional international expertise is available to support se-grauf in projects, as necessary.

Where We are
and where we´ve been

Se-grauf is based in Germany, however Dr. Grauf has a global insight in PWR technology due to worldwide technical exchange, training and lecturing, reviews, and involvements in projects.