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 Nuclear (PWR) - Technology

You need support for backfitting projects or new built PWR´s?

With long lasting experience in German PWR design including the developments in Accident Management Procedures and participation along the whole EPR basic design phase, we can provide you with a sound know how and - even more important - know why expertise for PWR´s. In addition more than 10 years operation experience in a early Seventies SIEMENS-KWU PWR design and 15 years experience in the latest SIEMENS-KWU KONVOI plant as well as reviews and information visits in various other PWR designs like Russian, US, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese PWR´s we know a lot about PWR reactors.

Make use of our Know How and Know Why experiences for your back fitting projects, your new constructions and for the optimization of your existing units also. Often a short hint about history, design reasons or where to find subject matter experts can save you a lot of time and investments.

Maintenance is one of the most relevant cost factors in NPP operation. There is quite a lot potential for optimization without negative influence on plant safety and reliability. We can assist you with sound and proven experiences.

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