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Nuclear Technology
Nuclear Technology and PWR System Design
Generation 3 Designs
Maintenance Optimization

NPP Operation Management
Nuclear Operation
Safety Management
Process Analysis and Optimization
Self Evaluation

Root Cause Analysis

Outage Management
Outage Strategies
Outage Organization
Outage Optimisation
Outage Support

Training and Expertise
Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes
Training concepts and Training
Accreditation of Training Programmes
Nuclear Guidelines and Studies


 Expertise and Training

Since years we transfer Nuclear Know How and Know Why in national and international workshops and training seminars. As lecturer and long lasting member of national and international committees dealing with training and education of NPP personnel we know quite well how to develop training programmes and how to transfer nuclear operation knowledge. We advise in all aspects of basic nuclear training and retraining, considering international standards and recommendations as well as IAEA´s Systematic Approach to Training - SAT. Furthermore we are familiar with the scope and design of Training Standard Accreditation and we support Countries embarking Nuclear Power with advice in the design and realization of Human Resource Development programs in particular regarding an appropriate Education and Training Infrastructure.

If there is a need of Technical Expertise e.g. regarding evaluation of Organizational effectiveness, expertise in Court Cases or Arbitrations: contact us and we will provide you with our capabilities, past experiences and references.

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